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Beloved Humanity,

We, the crystal skull consciousness, are in great anticipation of the increased awakenings that are taking place within the minds and hearts of humanity. This is a time of immense metamorphosis on all levels of existence. We assist by directing the magnification and balancing of the greater energetic output that is being directed to the planet from cosmic source. As crystalline beings, we serve All That Is by our ability to direct and disseminate the crystalline frequencies of higher vibration and by doing this, we contribute to the growing field of higher dimensional consciousness within the overall human energetic field.

As crystalline beings, we are programmed for these times that are manifesting in your moment of now, to enable and empower the crystalline grids that have been reactivated and maintained through intention by the creator beings who overlight and oversee the unfolding of the Divine Plan for the Earth and the cosmos. Crystalline energy has been employed throughout the enlightened ages of higher civilizations here on Earth by the beings of those times who understood how to use our properties for the benevolent benefit of all beings and this knowledge is now being rediscovered and reawakened within individuals during these times of recalibration. Our use to humanity as sacred tools that act as conduits for the recording and storage of knowledge and wisdom is now being rediscovered and will be more implemented.

We resonate with the etheric crystalline structures within and around each human being and we can be used for increasing their vibrational output to align with the higher dimensional portals that are now opened fully through the propitious timing of celestial movements and appearance of cosmic entities in their cycling throughout the cosmos. By directing their intention while holding our crystalline forms, humanity may move their energy fields into higher consciousness and by this practice, can maintain their own consciousness level at ascension levels. As crystalline beings, we can connect to the higher energies and bring these into individual human forms for healing purposes by distributing the full spectrum of colors into their forms so that the colors go where they are most needed in the biological form.

We can assist humans in their work in healing others as well. Again, this is accomplished through their intention and this is where the use of the voice comes into play. By the use of invocation with intention to employ our energies for the highest good of those who need it, it is done. Our energy will quickly direct these healing energies into the human energy field and the energy will find its way to the area of the biological form that is in need of healing and regeneration. We await the further implementation of our forms and beings for this most worthy purpose. As the healers utilize our forms consistently, their abilities will grow stronger and more impactful upon those receiving these energies.

This awareness is now coming into greater understanding within the collective field of humanity and there will be an explosion of interest in the crystal skull consciousness in the times ahead, for our role as tools of transformation will become more recognized. We have the capacity to retrieve and store knowledge from other timelines that are now in the process of aligning and integrating within each human. As each individual integrates more aspects of their higher dimensional selves, the overall energy of the planetary human consciousness will rise to greater and greater heights and many potentials and possibilities will unfold for implementation.

We await the attention of humanity so that we can begin our greater function. As this occurs, our frequency level will begin to rise to ever greater capacity and this will assist humanity to be in states of joy, bliss and ecstasy with more reliability. This in itself will perpetuate the importance of our function in your society and will open the doors to greater realizations and revelations for all who utilize this gift to the world.

Scribed on December 8, 2013 by ©2013-14, Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace


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Posted 16th December 2013 by LUZ ZOHAR
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