Tuesday, March 31, 2015

sharing.:::. JESUS-The Urantia Revelation-Truth-Beauty - Part 3--The Journal--by the ONE with many names

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Part 3--The Journal--by the ONE with many names


Sorry for posting the same one twice, Thanks for letting me know.



Remembering The Dream



“Dear Mytria,” Beverly wrote. “I would like a quick word from you regarding my UFO search. I spent many hours trying to find some information and all I found was information about the Zetas.”

Dear Beverly,” Mytria responded by writing in the journal.

There are actually few humans who can take the leap of communicating with us in this fashion. To do something alone without the support of others to validate your experience is not something that many people are brave enough to do.

However, you have felt alone inside yourself your entire life. You have always kept secrets from others because you had learned that it was not safe to share what you knew inside yourself. Now you are getting strong enough to begin to share your knowledge. However, there is a certain amount of preparation of yourself that must take place before you can go ‘public’ with your information.

When you are ready to be totally open with what you know, you will find others who are doing the same thing. We Pleidians are communicating with quite a few people. However, it will be a while yet before you can speak with each other through your Internet. People still need a certain amount of proof to validate their experiences. Do not be concerned. We are here with you.


To her surprise, Lisa continued reading. There was something about this Mytria person that felt, well, it felt familiar. However, she could not tell anyone that. They would think she was crazy. Lisa continued reading. In fact, she didn’t even get up to get more coffee.



Dear Mytria, wrote Beverly. Do you have a message for me today?

Dearest Beverly,

I am glad to see that you are coming to peace with your third and fourth dimensional experiences. Forgiveness of others and yourself is indeed the key, as forgiveness is the energy field that allows you to release that which has reached its completion. Your feelings of aloneness and competition are part of this process of transmutation.

First you had to feel and release the sadness of the ages. This sadness is an illusion because it was based on separation. Separation is the ultimate illusion. You are not now, nor have you ever been, separate from the many versions of your Higher SELF. Feel this divine unity and see it shining through the clearing fog.”


“Wait a minute. My dream! I remember my dream. I was standing all alone, but the Sun was shining through the fog and it felt so very good. NO Lisa NO! You are just sleep deprived. Don’t start believing this crap,” said Lisa to herself. However, she could not seem to get quite as angry as before. What was going on here? She needed to get home to her ‘normal’ life. But, she did not get up or leave. She stayed in her ‘homework chair’ in her mother’s house and continued to read.


Feel the warmth of the Truth of Unity with ALL THAT IS, continued Mytria. Know that you are now at ONE with your divine self. You are the fingers on the hand that is connected to the heart, mind and spirit of the Creator.

I, Mytria, am yourself on a higher vibration. I am one of your alternate realities, and I welcome your awareness into my world. My true relationship with you is a difficult concept for your third-dimensional mind to understand. Merely listen. I am you, but I am also more than you. However, you are also more than me.

I am not better than you just because I vibrate at a higher frequency. It is just that from my higher perspective I am able to see all of you. On the other hand, you can only see portions of yourself from your dimension. Therefore, I can be of service to you.

“From my perspective, I can see you in many third dimensional realities. I am particularly drawn to the lives in which you served the Goddess, as that was very harmonic with our purpose in this reality. I will be happy to assist you in your communication about the reawakening of the Goddess on your planet.

However, returning to my vision of you, besides seeing your many third and fourth dimensional lives, I can see the lives in which you chose to incarnate on other planets and on higher vibrations. You have been able to feel close ties to certain planets such as Venus, Arcturus, Antares, Sirius, and here on Alcyone. I can see a fine nervous system of light that is growing each time you open yourself up to communications with these portions of yourself.

There are actually other galactic incarnations beyond what I have mentioned, but you have concentrated on the ones to which you have the strongest attraction and clearest memory. Allow your memory to be awakened as you visualize your light filled nervous system. Feel yourself moving beyond time and space. Remember your other realities like you remembered what you ate for breakfast.

Do you remember when you left Arcturus to begin your adventure of incarnation in the lower vibrations? First you went to Venus to experience this galaxy and prepare for your incarnations on Earth. When you heard ‘the call,’ you came to planet Earth and began your many third-dimensional incarnations.

“For your first incarnation, you were a female who eventually became an Atlantian Priestess. After the fall of Atlantis, you stayed in Faerie in the fourth dimension until your next incarnation in early England. In that reality, you were half Faerie and half human. Write this story Lisa. It will help you to clear your mind and open your heart.”


“Wait, does that say Lisa? That must be a typo,” scoffed Lisa. “Mom always had too many typing errors. Except that there aren’t that many now. I am sure I just imagined that.” However, Lisa did not go back to check the text. Did she want it to be for her?


After each life of great spiritual attainment, Mytria continued, you were able to raise your vibration enough to incarnate on higher planes of reality. Many times you returned to Venus to rest and relax. From Venus you often returned to Arcturus.

Remember these journeys, as that memory will further reinforce your light plexus. The memories of Venus and Arcturus are the strongest in your mind because they have the greatest love vibration. As you have already remembered, after each of your spiritual lives you were able to take on an alternate reality, which was actually from your past as well as your future.

You will have to just accept that statement because it is very difficult for you to understand at this Earth moment. All of these extraterrestrial realities were created before your Earth lives, as well as created after them. That is all for ‘now.’ I will be pleased to communicate more. Remember to call to me before you go to sleep and then write your dreams as soon as you awaken.



“Remember to remember your dreams,” kept swirling in Lisa’s mind. But, she pushed it away. Enough of this reading and lying around; maybe it was time to call the police? However, the next post from Mytria caught her eye, so she decided to read just a little bit more.



Dear Mytria,

“I had a dream last night of a familiar format that I have come to call ‘Temple Dreams.’ In these dreams I perceive myself as flying up into a cloudy, etheric area. At first I can only see what looks like fog, but then I seem to alter my course and slowly fly down into another cloudy area, which glistens with a sparkling light.

Gradually, I adapt to a vision in which I am with a group of people. We are sitting under a huge dome that is held with huge pillars. We all sit quietly while we listen to a magnificent being that is much like my childhood cloud friend. However, the cloud being does not always have the same feel to me, so I think that different higher beings speak at different times.

After the cloud being has completed its speech, a being I call my ‘guide’ appears from nowhere and motions for me to follow it. I say “it” because the guide, who always feels like the same being, is also a cloudy presence with glistening light. My guide transports me to an unknown location where I have an experience, which I call ‘the dream.’


“Just a minute here,” Lisa says with surprise. “I think I had a dream like that! No, no, Lisa,” she says to herself. “Too much of this Journal. I am getting as crazy as my mother. There has been far too much isolation. I really do need to phone the police.” But, Lisa did not phone the police. She did not push away the journal, which she had done many times. She wanted to hear about this dream, so she continued reading.


In the ‘dream’ there were three groups that were having some kind of competition,” Beverly wrote in the Journal. “Much to my surprise, I was the leader of one group and, even more shockingly, my ex-husband, David, was the leader of the other group. We were in an amphitheater and each group was to go around a large circle together within the time period of 28 seconds. A third group had already finished their race, but that is all I remember about that group. For some reason this dream felt important. Dear Mytria, can you assist me to understand what it meant?

My dear Beverly, Mytria wrote, I am happy to assist you to understand your dream. The 28 seconds reduced to the number 10 in numerology, which further reduced to the number 1. Numerology is a part of your awareness, is it not? The number 1 represents a new beginning.

The three groups are three waves of evolution. The first group did not complete the cycle within the time that they had allotted to them. Therefore, they had to return to their seats, or physical bodies. In other words, they did not finish their race.

Everyone in the remaining two groups was very excited about their opportunity to ‘win the race,’ but the older, wiser members of your group knew that beginnings take much patience and calm awareness in order to bring them into full fruition. You also knew that the journey was not ending but instead just beginning.

David, your ex-husband represented the male portion of your higher dimensional SELF, and you were in the form of myself, Mytria. Just as I, Mytria, am from the Pleiades, David is from the planet Antares and is actually called Jaqual.

The Elders at the front of the amphitheater were from the Federation of Planets. You seem to have forgotten this part of the dream, but as you stood up to take your cycle/race, you remembered that Love is the key to successfully completing the cycle.”


Now Lisa had had enough. The thought that her father, who she had not seen in ages was somehow joining a race with her mother, was too much to bear. Besides what is Antares? She was not ready to phone the police, yet, but when she read that part of the message she started to cry.

Slamming the journal closed did not stop her crying. In fact, she cried harder and louder. She was alone and no one could hear her, so why not finally have a good cry? When she needed a tissue, the only ones she could remember were by her mother’s bed. She found her way there, walked to the nightstand to get the tissue, and began to cry almost hysterically.

When she could cry no more, she lay on her mother’s bed, just like she loved to do when she was a child. Even though her mother had been gone for who knows how long, she could still smell her mother’s scent when she pulled back the bedspread to climb into the bed. The sobbing calmed, just as it always did when she went to her mother for comfort.

“What happened to us? We had always been so close?” were Lisa’s last thoughts as she drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. In fact, it was the best sleep she had had in months. Just before Lisa awoke from her much needed sleep, she had a dream in which Mytria said to her mother,

“Now I will you tell what really happened last evening. You Beverly, who is a lower frequency of me, Mytria, and David, who is a lower frequency of Jaqual, were at a Federation meeting. Beverly/I and David/Jaqual talked about the ascension process of your planet and how the awakened ones of Earth could assist.

“The first suggestion was to generate excitement in order to jar the sleeping ones into awareness. However, we decided that the excitement would prove to be too much of a distraction from the process of awakening, and we did not have the ‘time’ to risk that distraction.

“The second race/idea was to have a mass landing of our ships. However, that idea was too soon, as humanity was still too brainwashed that ‘ETs were bad.’ We then decided that those who had been awake and aware for a portion of their Earth time would be good leaders if they could share their process. In fact, sharing their process would be a good role model for others.

“The third idea was our best idea in which everyone could realize that ascension takes calm patience, unconditional love and great courage. However, there are not enough humans who possess and can maintain ‘calm patience, unconditional love and great courage.’

“Finally, we decided that we, the members of your galactic family, would need to bi-locate into the bodies of already incarnated humans who showed some ability to hold the three qualities of patience, love and courage.

“Bi-location means that we are still in our Galactic self and our multidimensional consciousness, but we also share our essence with a human who is willing to accept our presence. Therefore, I bi-located into you, Beverly, and Jaqual bi-located into your husband David.”

Lisa awoke with the message from Mytria in her mind. Before she could return to her skeptical self, she automatically reached for the writing pad and pen that her mother always kept by her bed and wrote,

“The third idea was our best idea in which everyone could realize that ascension takes calm patience, unconditional love and great courage. However, there are not enough humans who possess and can maintain calm patience, unconditional love and great courage.

Finally, we decided that we, the members of your galactic family, would need to bi-locate into the bodies of already incarnated humans who showed some ability to hold the three qualities of patience, love and courage.

Bi-location means that we are still in our Galactic self and our multidimensional consciousness, but we also share our essence with a human who is willing to accept our presence. Therefore, I bi-located into you, Beverly, and Jaqual bi-located into your husband David.

Too groggy to realize what she had done, she fell back asleep and slept until it was dark.

She awoke with a start to find a completely dark house. She reached over to turn on the light and noticed the pad and pen. “Oh,” she said. “More weird stuff written by my mother.” She did not notice it was in her handwriting, as she urgently needed to go to the bathroom.

She was alone in the middle of the night and felt a bit spooked, so went around the house turning on lights. She then went to the pantry and found some canned soup and an unopened package of crackers. While the soup warmed, she put a cup of water and the crackers on the small kitchen table.

When the soup was ready, she poured it into a bowl and sat in a chair at the same table that had been there her entire life. After she had eaten her soup and crackers, she realized that she had chosen her favorite childhood bowl and cup and had sat on her “side” of the table.

“Why did mom keep all this stuff?” she said out loud. She was just feeling the familiar anger rise within her when she heard, “Because I love you.”

“No, NO, that is not my mother’s voice I just heard!” cried Lisa. But it sounded like her mother’s voice, and Lisa was beginning to realize how much she missed her.

Leaving the dirty dishes on the table, she went back to the homework chair to continue reading. When she read the last three paragraphs she noticed that she had read it before.

“I am not ready to read this now,” she said as she found the clicker for the TV and found an old movie to take her away. When the early morning light entered the living room, she awoke. All the lights were on in the house, so she began turning them off.

When she got to her mother’s bedroom, she decided to make the bed and saw the notepad next to the light. “Hey, this is what I just read.” She did not note it was her handwriting until she finished making the bed and knocked the tablet onto the floor. When she picked it up, she was finally ready to see that it was her writing.

She ran back to the book to see that the message she wrote was exactly the same as the message in the book that what written in 1996. Too shocked to think, she stuffed the tablet in her mother’s nightstand drawer.

“Now I am starting to hallucinate. Too much reading of that journal, my body is stiff from sitting in that chair. I need to take a walk” she exclaimed.

Lisa tried to walk away from the fact that she had written exactly what her mother had written long, long ago. She must have read those paragraphs before, she told herself. “But how could I get every word exactly correct?” she muttered as she began to jog.

By the time she got back home (was she calling it home?) and taken a shower, she had forgotten the incident of the “three paragraphs.” She finally made some calls to her friend and husband, knowing they would go to voice mail at that time. Then she went to the grocery store to get some decent food. She fixed herself a good dinner and opened up another bottle of wine. Had she been drinking too much lately? She decided NOT to ask herself that question.

When she opened the journal to read while she ate, she conveniently opened to the next chapter, in which she met Jaqual. She knew inside, but had consciously forgotten, that Mytria was her mother and Jaqual was her father. She could not bring her father into the picture yet, or she might completely snap.

Therefore, she unconsciously decided to forget about her parents’ higher identity by scoffing at the entire idea of other realities. She was more than busy trying to find out how to get along in just one physical reality and didn’t seem to be doing too well at it. Hence, her parent’s relationship to Mytria and Jaqual was conveniently forgotten.


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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:20 PM

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Sharng::.Urantia Book - Paper 112 - Section 3 (The Phenomenon of Death) -THE INTERSTELLAR ENNEAGRAM

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"The Interstellar Enneagram” highlights / A Bashar Planetary Message

We will now take you through on the vibrational history and give you, a more complete picture the vibrational relationships that you have ongoing on a variety of levels with these civilizations and dimensions of consciousness.

So as many of you already understand, the Anunnaki are the extra terrestrial civilization generally responsible for the alteration of your genetic structure ... which was to aid and assist them in mining minerals gold in particular that would allow them to alter the weather patterns have their own planet and make adjustments in that way to their energy fields .

Now, the group of Anunnaki that actually visited your world, that was originally consigned to find those minerals and bring them back to their home world, were actually to begin with, assigned to simply do this task themselves, eventually they found that this was something that was relatively difficult for them to do on their own and so they believe they needed what you would call a workforce in order to aid in this system.

And knowing that there was a natural indigenous being upon the planet that was similar in form to them, they understood that they could genetical alter it to aid and assist them in this way by upgrading it so to speak to something more similar to their own form and thus by creating that force, to work in the mines to extract the gold and other minerals ... that they require eventually also developing a long-term relationship with them in a variety of ways even to the point of companionship many many years after that.

Now, this began somewhere around 500,000 up your years ago in the general area is that you call the Middle East and the African continent and those branches of the hominid species that were not alter genetically by the Anunnaki... evolved on their own in parallel to the human beings on your planet that the Anunnaki had created and those that were not altered eventually evolved into the form you now call Sasquatch.

So the idea is that if you had not been altered at all, today you would all be Sasquatch.

But because you were altered - because you were evolved in that way - you became human beings.

Our Relationship to the Essassani and Ya’yel civilizations

We continue this transmission with the idea called the "interstellar Enneagram", now the idea of the Ya’yel or in our ancient language the first ones will be that they were created last of the five hybrid races and in being created last in being, in a sense the newest version to be created, they are more similar to your human beings than we are, and much more similar to your human beings than the first hybrid race is, so in that sense that is why they will be the first ones you will meet so as to buffer your experience of extraterrestrial contact with the civilization that has a lot of similarity to you, so it will not be too alien for you to assimilate the idea of interacting with them.

Your world very quickly in years to come, after open contact occurs with the Ya'yel will begin to accelerate in ways that will allow you very rapidly to transform yourself and shift yourself to parallel versions of earth that are really far more representative of what you dream the earth can be because, that dream does exist, that dream is real, it exists right now and all you need to do is shift yourself that frequency in order to experience the reflection of that reality.

Our Relationship to the Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiadian civilizations

The idea of the Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiadian energy represents in a sense the future, where you are headed ... beginning with Sirius that which is a non-physical consciousness and that which actually inhabits a physical planet which is represented by a race of amphibious style beings, similar in a sense to what you would recognize on your planet as a kind of salamander-ish sort of beings. There's a lot of water on their planet, they go in and out of it... stay in it quite long duration in periods though they can exist outside of it. They have visited your earth in ancient times and one of the visitations that has been recorded in your history that is now coming to prominence, now coming to light for some time is the civilization that you know of as the Dogon and this Dogon civilization met with many of the beings from Sirius, these amphibious beings, and these meetings were recorded and the Sirius beings taught many things to the tribes of the Dogon on your planet; agriculture, mathematics, celestial phenomenology and so forth and this is now recorded in what you are discovering in the Dogon traditions.

We will now move straight to the Pleiadian energy, the idea is that you have had some encounters on your planet with these humanoid beings that are in a sense your cousins they are a direct offshoot up the idea of the original Orion-dia-spora... when they transform themselves from negative to positive and spread among the stars in a positive way... they also went to the Lyrian stars systems, and develop civilizations there , but eventually also went to some the Pleiadian stars systems and developed civilizations there... they are to some degree the best representation of what your planet will become physiologically when you develop the idea of star travel, when you develop the idea of a unified earth in a positive way - when you develop the ideas a free-energy - when you develop the ideas of true familiar sisterhood and brotherhood on your planet.

it will be very very similar of course still unique, but very similar to the idea of the way the Pleiadian societies exist now so they are in a sense a very good society to mirror vibrationally because it is really they who represent your best potential in fourth density transformational physical reality and in allowing herself to absorb this energy and to
really allow yourself to - FEEL- that you do in fact on your planet still live among the stars.

Remember even though we may seem alien to you - you are all aliens to us! so you also inhabit a planet among the stars
and two other species you are just as alien as other species may seem to you, so by mirroring and matching the vibration of the Pleiadian you start to really take your place in that Galactic Alliance in a way that is representative of your full potentials as physical beings on the planet Earth as you are becoming the sixth hybrid race.

~ Excerpts from Bashar. org

Posted 23rd May by Shanti Zohar

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

sharing.:::.Urantia Book - Paper 112 - Section 2 (The Self) - THE ARCTURIAN GROUP MESSAGE

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May 24



MAY 24, 2015
We come in love to assist all in their evolutionary journey of remembering.
The world appears to be filled with intense images of both good and evil at this time--duality expressed at its best and highest. This is because ever increasing energies of Light are greatly effecting the stability of anything and everything formed of old beliefs and concepts. Rejoice dear ones, for it is you doing the heavy lifting that is changing world consciousness--the outer is always a reflection of the inner.
Slowly but surely, a consciousness of Oneness is emerging. More and more people are being intuitively guided to assist man, animals, plants, and the environment of Gaia herself in whatever ways seem to be needed. An understanding of many within One, is gradually being born which starts on the unconscious level and then moves into conscious awareness.
Higher dimensional energies are serving to open the hearts of all who are ready, shifting them more deeply into the realization that every person, no matter the color of their skin or language they speak, as well as all life forms, are in and of the One substance and seek the same things according to their level of understanding. These things are peace, harmony, abundance, joy-- all facets of unconditional love, the Divine essence of all that exists, ever present and always calling.
Often it is only an experience of some seeming disaster that brings this awareness to those still holding tightly to a sense of separation, choosing to live in white towers of self-righteousness and power, and who see themselves as separate and better than everyone around them. When change comes for these people, rejoice not in their seeming "fall from grace" but in the realization that they too are learning and evolving, but doing it the "hard way".
Today's message is about love, a topic spoken of and discussed on all levels throughout the world.
A deep and truer understanding of the Divine nature of Love is vital to spiritual evolution. Love is the activity of oneness and is the basis for everything that exists. It is the glue that holds together all things and is interpreted and experienced according to the state of consciousness of the individual.
Example: Love, the connecting energy between all things within the One Omnipresent Consciousness, when interpreted through un-evolved states of consciousness will manifest outwardly as war, rape, abuse, and all the experiences of duality and separation. The One has never changed nor could it ever be less that what it is. It is the state of the individual consciousness as well as consensus consciousness that interprets and manifests how you see and experience the world.
A higher sense of love is beginning to awaken within the hearts of mankind. Love, the connecting energy between all living things is beginning to be experienced and acknowledged profoundly more than in belief systems of the past.
Most of you have lifetimes in which love was generally only thought of as something between a mother and child, or perhaps between friends or lovers and often with strings attached. Love was more of a barter and almost never unconditional. Often there was little or no love in marriages which were simply contracts assuring convenience and safety for two countries, or families. For those of poorer means, it often represented another pair of hands to do the work.
Women were more often than not, considered bargaining chips or simply chattels, a means to an end. Love even in the human sense rarely entered into the picture. When romantic love did happen, it was frequently discouraged or even forbidden if the union did not fulfill the concepts and beliefs of those in power, be it simple families or royalty.
There has been very little understanding of the real nature of Love except for the occasional mystic. Concepts based in duality and separation have ruled the consciousness of mankind lifetime after lifetime, conditioning and interpreting love as well as everything else, in very limited ways.
Love is beginning to be recognized as much more than simple emotional attachment. Over time those of a higher state of consciousness tried to reveal unconditional love through their words and actions, but for the most part people were unable to embrace that level of consciousness. Your inner work is birthing a new world consciousness and mankind is rapidly attaining an ability to learn about and live Love as the universal and unconditional truth of being that it really is.
You have evolved and are now ready to accept and integrate the deeper truth of unconditional love as being all there is. This must become an attained state of consciousness if you are to move into the higher dimensional energies emerging and available at this time which means awareness and practice on your part. You do not have to have fully attained this state of consciousness in order to move forward, but must have the honest intention to do so. The higher dimensions are dimensions of Love, and cannot be entered still holding fast to a consciousness of separation with all its accompanying judgement and criticism.
The necessity for unconditional love occasionally acts as a block for the spiritually ready individual unable to embrace the idea of having to love everyone. When this happens it means there is a misunderstanding of what unconditional Love really is. It is possible to have unconditional love even for those living at very dense levels of awareness once it is understood that unconditional love is not an acceptance of their actions nor a lowering into their level of consciousness.
It is not attraction to or acceptance of everyone and everything regardless of how much havoc they may be causing and neither is it an emotional desire to be with the person or place or thing although that can be a part of it. Unconditional Love is recognition--the recognition of ever present Divinity within all things even when the object does not care a whit about it.
Unconditional love means every person or situation you become aware of must be seen with new eyes, which in turn trains the mind to interpret in new and higher ways. Begin to visualize a diamond in the heart of every person you become aware of as you go about your day. Make this diamond a symbol representing the person's innate Divinity even if you do not like or respect what they represent. The news, the world, the things you hear about or see on TV are all opportunities to practice blessing the world through recognition.
There must come at some point, a realization of oneness in world consciousness if it is to evolve beyond duality and separation and you are Light workers making it happen.
Try and let go of judgement and criticism of appearances for fear, worry, and concern serves to give them a power they do not have and cements whatever illusory energy they do have. This can be difficult for those of you used to actively fighting the negative issues of the world in your quest for change.
You are being asked now to take the next step which is a letting go of resistance, and a moving into unconditional love. Your mind will accept this after awhile although at first it will rebel, for it has been trained in other ways.
This never means you cannot sign a petition, or take some action you are being guided to take. It does mean that your first action now becomes one of unconditional love which may or may not lead you to a next action.
Attaining this state of consciousness and the next step of your journey and you are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group 5/24/15


Posted 24th May by Shanti Zohar

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

sharing.:::. Urantia Book - Paper 113 - Section 3 (Relation to Other Spirit Influences) - PUT YOUR LUGGAGE DOWN!

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30th June 2015

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood 

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion. 

Today’s message might push your buttons just a little bit for what we’re going to say might defy some of the things that you’ve learned and understood in your life time in terms of healing and transformation and what needs to happen in order for healing and transformation to be part of your life. If you understand that the things that you experience in your life are a vibrational experience that your soul wanted to have. We’re not talking about whether or not it was something that from your human perspective felt good or not, but from that soul-level perspective, in that flow of your soul’s experience, it said “yes” to what you’re experiencing. When you draw your awareness to that fact, if you can take your human emotional component out of it, and be able to say, “Look at this experience that my soul wanted to have in this lifetime, in this dimension, with these other beings who are souls as well.” It gives you a little bit of a distance from that experience to not take it quite so personally. You could say, “Well, it’s here for my growth and it’s here for my change and it’s here for all of my transformation and yet that doesn’t always help you feel better thinking “This is a growth opportunity!” for that growth opportunity could come with a lot of pain.

Now many of you feel that you need to go in and look at all of these experiences you’ve had, particularly the ones you had when you were younger, and heal them and forgive them and there are multiple layers of healing and forgiveness, are there not? Sometimes, for many of you, it feels like there is an endless number of layers and forgiveness and transformation that need to happen around even one simple event. If you look at that initial event, whatever it is that you’re trying to heal from, as a vibrational being and you could even look at it as a piece of “vibrational luggage” that you’re carrying around with you. “Yes, I had this experience. “Yes, it has defined me in a certain way and I’ve responded to it and life, in a certain way, because I’ve carried this piece of luggage, because this luggage has been part of my experience.”
Now this is where what we’re saying is perhaps going to get a little challenging for some of you. Changing your experience of life is as simple as deciding that you can put that piece of luggage down. Now you would say “But NO! These things happened to me. I can’t ever forget! I can’t ever let it go.” We would say to you, if you are holding a piece of luggage and said, “Wow this is heavy.” We would say to you “All you need to do is open your hand and drop that piece of luggage on the ground and you would be free” that would make sense to you from a human and a physical experience. If you’re holding a piece of luggage and it’s heavy, if you open your hand and put it down you’re freed from that burden. Are you not? We would say to you that some of the things that you feel that you keep needing to heal and it feels like it’s never done is literally as simple as opening your hand and putting that luggage down. For what if you thought about that wounding experience, that big thing that you can’t forgive other people for, what if you decide “It happened and now I’m going to just decide that I can move forward and be okay whether or not I have all the understanding and I’ve forgiven everyone involved and I know all the past life issues around it and I’ve beaten myself up over karma around all of it. What if you said I’m just done with that as an energetic experience and I’m going to choose that it not define my life anymore? As you do that you’re beginning to choose the new vibrational reality that doesn’t include the luggage.

For some of you you’re going to hear this and the lightbulbs are going to go off and you’re going to say “Oh my gosh that is so simple. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m going to decide, not that it never happened, but it doesn’t need to define me anymore. Maybe I can free myself from my need and my addiction to keep finding an answer to it.” Because there’s certain things in this dimension that your soul has chosen that you’re not going to necessarily have an answer for that’s going to satisfy you to decide let it go. So you could just, in a sense, energetically walk away from it and say “That happened. I don’t understand it and yet, at the same time, even though don’t understand it, I’m not going to let it define me anymore.”

For if you’re always waiting for understanding to decide to change your vibrational reality, your vibrational experience of life that would have already happened. For you’ve had multiple experiences, on multiple levels of understanding, through all your healing experiences, and yet that understanding and that information has not always been a enough for you to decide to let the luggage go. If you can emotionally disengage with it enough to say “My soul wanted that experience. I don’t need to understand all the reasons why. I don’t need to, with the human mind and the human emotional field, need to keep striving to make it right in my human experience.” I can just say, “Wow look at that experience that my soul chose to have and I’m now going to decide I don’t need every single answer to free it up. I could free it up just by opening my hand and dropping my luggage and moving forward without it.

For some of you this is going to sound like a great idea and you’re going to try it. Remember you have a habit of holding on to that luggage, it’s going to be very easy to say “I put it down but I need it near me. I don’t know if I’m comfortable in my energy field with that luggage being out of my hand because it is so familiar”, like your hand wants to feel the luggage in it, so you want to pick it up again. You’re going to keep trying to pick it up again, but what you’re going to need to do is break the habit of deciding that you’re broken because of that experience. Because all of these experiences you’re having in your life is to find out that your soul and the truth of who you are transcends all of this stuff.

There is a point in time where you could say “I’m done with that as an issue. I choose not to allow it to energetically be in my field to define me anymore and what can I do to experience life without that?” As you find yourself in your mind and your emotions wanting to pick up that luggage again, remind yourself to put it down. Remind yourself that you are an eternal being who had that experience, in this dimension, and yet you are beyond that experience and so all you need to do is set it down. It is that easy!

Some of you are going to love this idea and embrace it and move through things in ways that you never thought you could as you hear this, because you’re being given permission to not need to dig in and heal it. You’re just going to let it go! It’s going to be the most freeing thing you’ve ever heard in your life.

For some of you’re going to be doubtful about this and think it’s going to work and discount everything that’s being said and we would say “Enjoy the healing journey then, and that’s absolutely fine.

Some of you you are going to be in the middle: kind of skeptical, maybe you’ll try it and you’ll see that it works. Want to pick up the luggage again and kind of vacillate back-and-forth until you find your way with it. All of it is okay, but we’re going to put out there for many of you to just release the burden and that’s where the healing and transformation happens, because you energetically have decided not to do need to keep resurrecting it anymore in the name of “healing” and you’re just going to let it be.

We know this is very profound and this is going to push many of your buttons, yet it’s time for you to hear this. It’s time for you to hear that healing and transformation is as easy as that!

For some of you this is going to be a big breakthrough and you’re just going to have a ball with it. For that we bless each and every one of you in whatever your decisions are on your journey.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2015 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood www.Soul-Genesis.com

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Every place on the planet is being affected by this change, this awareness.

Those of you who are the Guardians of Light and who wish to completely change this present reality and bring different options in are anchoring the frequency.
 If it is not anchored and understood, it can create chaos.
 It will create chaos.
 This is why you must ground yourselves.
 Chaos brings about a state of reorganization when utilized properly.
 Time is collapsing, and the energy is becoming larger and larger.
 You have come here to use that energy first.
 You will make pathways of consciousness as you pull the energy into your body that will assist others so that they may not have to go through what you go through.

Many people will suddenly begin to feel this energy without any preparation at all.
 You are all pulling light, which is data and information, onto the planet, and as you do this you create new pathways for consciousness to explore without even saving a word.
 The new pathways of consciousness create new realities, new options, and new ways of living and being.
 That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: It does not hold light; it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities; it holds you in limitation, and you are tired of that.
 You are under a delusion if you believe that you always incarnate as human beings.
 You incarnate to experience creation, to gather information about creation, and to comprehend it collectively.

You certainly don't go into just one experience. It would be like eating dinner at the same restaurant your whole life and then saying, "I know all about food." It's foolishness. Begin to expand your boundaries and realize that you have to experience many things.
 There is brilliance within all life. ~☜ 


~Bringers of the Dawn~
Barbara Marciniak
Posted 14th May by Shanti Zohar

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, July 13, 2015
4D Mental Plane Mystery School--Arcturians and Galactic Family

The 4D Mental Plane Mystery School 


Part 5

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family 

When it is the NOW to continue your journey into the next fourth dimensional Mystery School, you gather all that you have learned and remembered so far and tuck it into your High Heart.

Within your High Heart, which is between your Heart Chakra and your Throat Chakra, all the information that you have gathered on your fourth dimensional journey so far will blend with the Wisdom, Power and Love of your Three Fold Flame.

In fact, it is the NOW for you to resume your journey by entering the Mental Sub-plane of the fourth-dimensional astral world. You will experience this journey through your own aura, as well as through Gaia’s aura. As you travel into the fourth-dimensional Mental Sub-plane take note of the myriad thoughts that you have stored within your consciousness.

You may not have considered the power of your thoughts, but as each random thought pulls up a matching emotion from the Emotional Sub-plane, your mind becomes focused on the thought forms that you have created.

When your consciousness is primarily focused on your physical reality, your consciousness, and thus your perceptions, are primarily driven by the myriad versions of reality that are created by the collective of humanity.

Conversely, as you travel through your own aura, you see your personal contribution to those collective thought forms that are increasingly becoming a reality. Do you, as just one person, have much influence on the outer world that is shared with all life on Gaia?

Instantly, you see how your doubtful thoughts seem to escape from your mind. Do you really want that doubt to sit in your aura to invite more doubt?

“NO, No,” you say to your self. “I see how my doubtful thoughts are instantly joined with fearful emotions to send a dull gray into my aura. But, how can I change a thought form that I have already created?”

Congratulations, dear One, your thought form has not yet left your aura, and already you are aware of its effect on you and on the reality that you will perceive and create. You are remembering that your state of consciousness directs your thoughts.

Those thoughts then direct the emotions that you collected in your aura. Finally, your thoughts and emotions join as a thought form that sits in your aura awaiting its NOW to direct your attention to that perception. Before you took this journey into your own fourth dimensional self, you may not have had a working example of how you are creating your reality.

When you are in the fourth dimensional Mental Mystery School, you will focus on remembering, “What you think about, you bring about.” Also, as you make your journey through this Mental Sub-plane, you can actually perceive your thoughts.

However, your consciousness will need to resonate to at least fourth-dimensional alpha waves for you to be able to clearly perceive and understand how your thoughts join with your emotions to become the thought forms that create your 3D life.

You may also observe that your third-dimensional beta wave consciousness is very reactionary. You, our dear ones who have taken an earth vessel, have been trained by your outer world that first and foremost you must tend to your myriad physical duties and responsibilities.

Then, if you have time, you can tend to other, less important endeavors, such as enjoying your life and being creative. Fortunately you, our volunteers to assist with planetary ascension, are remembering that there is another version of your SELF that perceives your reality from a very different frequency.

Through listening to your fourth, and higher dimensional dreams, imagination and inner callings, you are discovering how to differentiate between the thoughts that arise from within your inner self and the thoughts that are fed to you via your third dimensional reality.

Because you have studied in the 4D Emotional Mystery School, you have learned that emotions are not just feelings. You have discovered that your emotions are a vital component of all third-dimensional and inter-dimensional communications.

Emotions are also very helpful for inter-species and inter-galactic communications because they are not bound by language. In fact, emotions allow you to “read thoughts.” How do you read thoughts with your emotions?

Emotions send you a simple “yes, continue this communication,” or “no, I do not want to engage in this communication.” In other words, emotional communication tells you if you trust or mistrust that person. As you move through the myriad changes that are occurring in your present 3D reality, you will find that this “who do you trust” information is vital.

If the answer is “yes, I do trust that person and/or information,” you can move into the next phase of sharing thoughts and/or sharing thought forms with that person and/or inter-dimensional being.

In other words, you will begin to remember how your Galactic Family communicates via Light Language. Light Language is the language of thought forms and energy packages.

Light Language arises from fifth-dimensional and beyond beings, but remains intact as it travels through the fourth dimension and into the perception of the ones who are still wearing third-dimensional vessels.

Light Language is not produced with your physical speech mechanisms. Therefore, it is not limited to different words that different cultures us for the same message. Light Language does not travel through physical space and does not need an amplifier, telephone, or Internet to be sent to another person.

Light Language originates via the unity consciousness of the fifth dimension, but it is able to stay totally intact within the fourth dimension. In fact, one of the primary reasons we are taking you on this journey through the fourth dimension is because it is important that your personal and Gaia’s planetary Astral Plane (aura) is clear.

When your personal aura is clear you can more easily receive inter-dimensional messages. You will also feel more confident that your personal thoughts, emotions and/or desires do not become distorted.

With this added confidence you will be able to more clearly receive inter-dimensional messages from the many higher dimensional beings who are NOW assisting you with your personal and planetary ascension.

Many of you, dear Ones, meet with us often in your fourth-dimensional dream consciousness, but you cannot translate that meeting into your third-dimensional reality because your 3D brain cannot accept, store and repeat this frequency of information.

Therefore, you forget your dreams and all the vital communications that you receive while in your fourth-dimensional astral body. Fortunately, as you remember how to communicate with your own aura/astral body, you will be able to communicate with others’ aura/astral body.

Once you have learned/remembered how to communicate via thought forms and energy fields you will be able to consciously communicate with fourth and fifth-dimensional beings.

Of course, everything must expand from within your core. Thus, you must first learn/remember how to consciously communicate with your human fourth-dimensional self. Then, communication with the fifth-dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF will greatly accelerate.

Eventually, you will communicate with your Multidimensional SELF via higher frequencies of “sounds” that your third/fourth-dimensional self cannot perceive. Your own Higher Self will teach you how to hear and attend to sounds that are often unperceivable to your physical hearing.

Many of you have already begun your inter-dimensional communications. Therefore, your consciousness is already traveling into your own fourth-dimensional aura to better communicate with your own fourth-dimensional self.

When your 3D language easily interfaces with your 4D language, you will have created an inter-dimensional communication system. Once this inter-dimensional communication system is fully connected to your fifth-dimensional SELF, you will move into the NOW of the ONE.

In other words, your communication will break through the time barrier. Once you are no longer bound by the limitations of time, you are free of the limitations of space.

Within the NOW
All life is ONE
Within the ever-present HERE

Within that NOW, all third-dimensional illusions of separation dissolve into a reality of Unity, Truth and Instant Communication. You will not need to wait for a certain “time” to receive inter-dimensional messages.

However, you must be within an expanded state of consciousness to receive these messages. Once in that state of consciousness, you must “let go” of your lower dimensional limitations and perceptions.

However, if you wish to document your communications, which we highly recommend, you will need to also be aware of your physical world so that you can write, type and/or record the information that you are receiving.

We say to each and EVERY one of you that
you are ALL able to experience inter-dimensional communication.

In fact, your brains are wired for that ability. However, that skill, along with your myriad other inter-dimensional abilities, are hidden in areas of the 97% of your physical brain that lies dormant and un-used by many of our dear ground crew.

The dark ones, who have been your “keepers” for more millennia than you would wish to know, have kept their “minions” in survival mode so that there was no energy left for consciousness expansion.

However, the Higher Light is entering your world so quickly and so intensely that you can no longer ignore your inner call to remember. Many humans could not hear that call as it traveled via a state of consciousness that they seldom experienced. They worked and slept, then woke again to work and sleep.

The advanced technology that has been on your planet for many of your years, but was hidden by the dark ones, will be released as soon as there is a collective inter-dimensional call that represents a majority of humanity.

Earth is a free-will planet. We Galactics honor Gaia’s choice and will not communicate with or alter the reality of those who have not asked us. On the other hand, cosmic laws do NOT bind the lost ones. They are the laggards that have failed to ascend on many worlds and realities and have come to Earth to invade and take.

They are devoid of love and conscience. Therefore, they cannot ascend. But because Earth is a free-will planet, their “service to self” orientation allows them to take from and dominate others.

When you meet these lost ones, please remember that even though they appear to have power in your physical world, it is limited to ONLY the third dimension. We further ask you to remember that your world is ready NOW to continue with the process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality.

It is the fears of humanity that is slowing this process. But, if you become angry or impatient with those who live in fear, you will only add to that problem. Instead, we ask that you send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to any and everyone lost in the grips of fear.

The ones who serve the darkness know about your potential power. Hence, they are stepping up their fear tactics. Fortunately, you are becoming Masters of the fourth dimension, and most of these lost ones can only adhere to the 4D Lower Astral Plane.

There are some who can enter the 4D Emotional Plane and others who can briefly visit the lowest frequencies of the 4D Mental Plane. Therefore, perceive your self as “Guardians of Gaia’s fourth dimensional Astral Plane,” as well as your own fourth dimensional aura.

Since many of you can now perceive and read thought forms, you can feel if an inter-dimensional message is based on unconditional love and violet fire. If you do not feel the calm euphoria of unconditional love, as well as the trans-mutational power of the violet fire, you know that you are called to duty to heal and transmute this thought form.

You own lower astral body is cleared, your own emotions are centered, and as you see the glorious Mental Mystery School shining just above you (in frequency) you turn to face lost ones to send them unconditional love and violet fire.

As you do so, you realize that many of the lost ones also wish to better themselves, but have been bound by a culture based on power over others. From your many earthly incarnations, you are very familiar with the feel of power over others.

Hence, before you continue, look inside. Are there any components of your own self that wish to have power over others? Please look deeply, as you will not be able to enter this Mystery School until you have made this personal assessment…

Now, look inside your self again to see if there is any prejudice towards any gender, species or galactic beings. You will make this determination by sending unconditional love. If you cannot send any being unconditional love, then you still have a prejudice that will halt your journey into this next Mystery School.

As difficult as it is to master your emotions, it can be even more difficult to master your thoughts. In this case, it is helpful to return to the concept that “creation and perception are ONE” in the fifth dimension and beyond.

This experience in the Mental Sub-plane of your aura is a precursor of what your physical life will soon become. You will be asked to perceive your reality through an energy field that can only be created with the emotional intention of Unconditional Love and the mental focus of transmutation of all life via the Violet Fire.

We leave you now with that assignment. Before closing, please notice the golden stairway leading to the Fourth Dimensional Mental Mystery School.

Fill your inner perceptions with that vision.
Fill your heart with the unconditional love beaming from the Mystery School.
Fill your mind with the intention of personal and planetary ascension.

As you follow our directive, you feel yourself floating up the stairway and toward the open doors. The Priests and Priestesses float down to greet you and to personally lead you through the open door of your own mind.

In closing, we remind you to ALWAYS keep your mind open because:

The best antidote to fear of change is an opened mind.

Blessings, we shall return to take you through the fourth-dimensional Causal Sub-plane.

We are the Arcturians and your Galactic Family Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:14 PM

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