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Sharing.:::.Tend the Harvest - SOUL CONTRACT

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Try to look at the why, how and love,
From departing Souls from this world.
We all come here with a contract,
That we want to experiance these things,
As a Soul.

We filter through each life time,
To get as much out of the emotions we can.
Because when we are home in the realms of light,
Love is the only feeling that is at hand.
Even in hatred there is our love that is involved.
It is us extending our emotions,
So we as Souls can evolve.
Think of yourself as an energy light of love,
And with a red sheet you cover up this love.
The light of you Soul that you are,
Can still shine threw this sheet,
We will call this color,
Being shy and meak.
Cover it with blue,
And we will call that,
It matters not what meaning,
You put into human words.
Because it is all an extention of the love,
That is truely you.
With the mind it is hard to see,
The love behind hatred in this world.
But please understand we all signed up for,
What is happening to us in this world.
In the human mind people die all the time,
In the Soul realm or true home,
We are still alive.
Stop looking at everything that happens with the human mind,
Look at all things with your Soul eyes,
And learn to except we each have a contract,
To be lived in this life.
For myself came the time,
To stop feeling emotions I experiance in this world.
I have experianced all the ones I was meant to over years.
Now I live with a quiet mind,
And except all in this world.
I no longer let my human mind,
Look out and see the world.
I see it with my Soul eyes,
A watcher you may say.
And am able to understand each lesson,
That is being taught to Souls these days.
We volunteer to come here,
And go through all these things,
We never die and we never will.
So I wish the words die and death,
Would just go away.

Barbara Wikle Nov. 16, 2015

Posted 5 weeks ago by ATMAN

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Monday, May 25, 2015

sharing.:::.▶ On the Horizon of Your Life - Kundalini Point of Perception by The Arcturians AND Veil Five--The Illusion of Love

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 

Kundalini Point of Perception by The Arcturians AND Veil Five--The Illusion of Love


The Kundalini Point of Perception 

by The Arcturians

Just as your third dimensional self enjoys traveling from one location to another, your Higher SELF enjoys traveling from one frequency to another.
 It is easy and enjoyable to travel from one physical place to another because you can enjoy your favorite locations that you have visited for many years.

In the same manner, your inter-dimensional travels are fulfilling and a lot of fun because you are reuniting with your favorite higher dimensional places and beings.
 We remind you to remember to expand your multidimensional perspectives so that your physical self can consciously enjoy this “inner travels.”

Your physical expression loves visiting your favorite, physical places, and your Multidimensional SELF appreciates visiting your many lives on different dimensions. However, what is occurring within this NOW is unique.

Within this NOW, as your Multidimensional SELF travels through all the countless timelines, frequencies, and dimensions that YOU have created, you are asking all versions of your SELF to join you in your present incarnation.

Hence, as you continue with your multidimensional journey, you will connect with all the version of your SELF in all the dimensions and sub-dimensions in which you have taken a form. Therefore, all the members of all your alternate and parallel realities have their bags packed and are ready to join you as soon as you consciously perceive them.

The catch is that, just as you must “feel it to heal it," you must “perceive it to collect it” into the sum/total of your Multidimensional SELF.

Because your consciousness is expanding into the fifth dimension, you are on the cusp of consciously perceiving the inter-dimensional event in which you consciously return to your Multidimensional SELF. What a grand reunion you will have once your multidimensional consciousness is fully restored.

As your daily consciousness expands into the fifth dimensional NOW, you will consciously perceive your journey through the Astral Plane. At first this journey will appear slow, but it picks up quickly as you enter the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional astral realities.

Then, as you travel closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time—actually the concept of time—begins to waver in and out of your consciousness. As your consciousness enters this crossroad, your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways.

This “shift” is because your Kundalini will begin to awaken as a result of your higher states of consciousness. Your Kundalini is your innate Lightbody that has lain in waiting until the NOW of your fifth-dimensional frequency of consciousness.

While consciously experiencing the gamma brainwaves of your fifth dimensional consciousness, that which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, it is your fifth dimensional consciousness that is wavering in and out.

Thus your fifth dimensional perceptions are wavering in and out, as well. As your 5D gamma brainwaves arise and fall, you open and close your conscious perceptions of the realities of the “NOW of the Here” and the “ONE of the multidimensional light.”

“What is that?” you ask with a tinge of fear. However, just a tinge of fear is enough to send you packing back into the familiarity of your third dimensional world.

“NO!” you cry, “Not again!” Why does this always happen just when I feel the Kundalini starting up my spine?

When you feel the Kundalini raising, you may feel as if you are not in control of your life. NOT “being in control of your life” actually means not being in control of your third dimensional life. Feeling at the helm of your physical life is empowering and often important.

However, once the Kundalini begins it’s awaking, your perceptions begin to recalibrate to include the conscious perceptions of fifth dimensional, gamma wave information. Just a quick peak of your 3D reality from a fifth dimensional point of perception is enough to remind you that the 3D Game is ending!

That “game” is ending because you have NOW reached the threshold to the reality of your fifth dimensional Lightbody.” This reality can be briefly visited by your multidimensional consciousness, but once the Kundalini rises, your third dimensional reality will never be the same again.

The reason for this shift is that instead of being a third dimensional human visiting the fifth dimension, you will become a fifth dimensional (in and out of Lightbody) visiting the third dimension.

With the awareness of your Lightbody SELF, you consciously become a fifth dimensional and beyond being who has volunteered to visit the third-dimension. In other words, your perceived roles are reversed. At first you were a physical person who has an inner (often hidden) Lightbody SELF.

With the rising of your Kundalini you enter into the identity of being a multidimensional being of Light who is wearing a physical body. Just as you can take off certain garments and store them until you wear them again, your Lightbody can “take off and store” your physical body until it wishes to wear it again.

Furthermore, in this great era that will eternally be remembered, you are not here on Earth for your self. You are here on Earth for Gaia. Your Lightbody knows that you already inhabit many forms in higher dimensions, and that you have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

Once your Kundalini begins to rise up your spine, you experience a “perceptual shift.” YOU are no longer your physical self who has an inner Kundalini that will someday rise. YOU become the Lightbody that is wearing a physical earth vessel in order to log into the third dimension.

Instead of experiencing your Kundalini rising up your physical spine—you experience your Kundalini as your Lightbody. As you can see, your reality shifts greatly according to your point of perception.

In your third dimensional reality, your point of perceptions was that all third dimensional life was outside of YOU. The transition into the higher dimensions begins by your human self gradually and continually experiencing all life as within YOU.

Your dreams, meditation, and higher states of consciousness are the Portal to your SELF. These Portals can only fully open once your earth vessel is consciously grounded in to the body of Gaia.

It was always within the Divine Plane of your Multidimensional SELF that you had to “feel it to heal it.” In the fifth dimension and beyond, you perceive your self in oneness with all life that is within the reality that you all share.

Thus, you are within the reality that is within you. This concept is very confusing to your third dimensional thinking where everything is outside of you except the many organs and components of your physical body.

In the fifth dimension, your body is made of multidimensional light. There are no inner organs, bones, or blood. YOU are Light, and your Light intermingles with all the Light that flows over, under, around, and through you.

Because the fifth dimension is so very different from the physical reality, in order to assist humans to release their shackles of imprisonment to the their physical illusions of reality, you had to actually enter a third dimensional human being.

Then YOU, the representative of your Multidimensional SELF, volunteered to:
· Remember who YOU are…

· Consciously experience the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF—while wearing your 3D earth vessel…

· Gain an ever-present conscious contact with this higher dimensional aspect of your SELF…

· Allow your Higher SELF to transport you back and forth to your higher dimensional life…

· Remember these excursions while you are still wearing your earth vessel…

· Share all that you have gained on these excursions with others…

· Open Portals for others to experience…

· Teach others how to open portals of light…

But how can you possibly remember all of this in just one lifetime. You don’t, but you remember to gather with others so that the “sum/total” of that group can share their own “puzzle pieces” to create a “group picture” of the reality that they are creating by going into the ONE individually and as a group.

There is no right or wrong way to create these groups. When it is the NOW for the creation of these groups, all the ones who resonate to a similar frequency pattern of expression and interest will come together. These “random groups” are likely friends and family in the higher planes.

When it is the NOW, they will unite to teach/remind each other why they have placed their multidimensional consciousness into their current earth vessel. As they create a safety net of love and support for each other and for themselves, they move into the next phase of their Mission.

Different groups will unite for different version of the same mission. This mission is to assist Gaia and Her myriad life forms to “Return Home” to their higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Once through the collective portal created by the group consciousness, some of the members will remain within the group consciousness and others will travel into different versions of the same frequency of that reality.

Most important, ALL of them are creating the reality of NEW EARTH.

Within the united goal of creating fifth-dimensional New Earth, all those within all the groups begin to understand how their state of consciousness creates the frequency of their reality.

First, they will remember that All versions of reality on Earth are simultaneously occurring within the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is only within the third and fourth dimensions that any form of separation is perceived. In fact, even the first and second dimensional realities experience unity with all.

Every drop of water IS the ocean, the rivers, the lakes, and the rain.
Every molecule of air IS the sky, the clouds, the wind, the sunrise and the sunset.
Every ray of light IS the sky, lights the ground and penetrates the water.
Every patch of earth IS the body of Gaia

All the elements that create the planetary body also create your human earth vessel. “Primitive peoples” know that they are ONE with all the life that surrounds them. Only the “civilized” humans have been taught to believe that all life is separate from them.

These “modern, civilized humans” have been trained over millennia to forget what they have always known within their Lightbody, which is safely snuggled inside of their Kundalini. They have forgotten that the Sleeping Serpent of the force of Kundalini is waiting at the base of their spine to be awakened.

But what exactly is the Kundalini? We will slowly share the answer to this question. Why do we share it slowly? Because this information was implanted in your consciousness as your escape hatch, parachute, and launching pad when you had completed ALL your Missions to Earth.

We also share this information bit-bit-bit to encourage you to REMEMBER. Whatever you remember about your SELF is much more powerful than what you are taught. It may be too difficult to understand what you are taught, and you may easily forget it.

On the other hand, that which we can assist you to remember inside your own self, can more simply and completely be expressed within your daily life. We need you, our away team to Earth, to remember your true Multidimenisonal SELF.

We need you to remember all the multidimensional traits of your SELF, not just within your meditations or while you are attending a class. We need you to remember your SELF in your DAILY LIFE.

We need you to remember within your daily life because it is within your third dimensional life that this transmutation will begin. No longer are you protected by your personal Guru, or by living in a Temple at the peak of a remote mountain.

In this important incarnation of planetary ascension, WE—your higher expressions of SELF—need for you to assist people while they live their daily lives, raise their children, work their jobs, pay their bills and pretend to be “just humans.”

WE—your higher dimensional expressions of SELF are entering your daily life, your daily routines, and daily responsibilities. As we have often said, we the Galactics and Celestials, are YOU.

It is through the awakening of your own, personal force of Kundalini that you will return to, transmute into, and daily be the YOU that you have always been—but forgot!

The Arcturians and your Galactic and Celestial Families

“The Illusion of Human Love”

Where am I? I think I am in bed. No, I am awake. No, I am asleep. I am very confused. However, I see the gold all about me. From where do I remember this gold light? Oh, yes, the circle—the circle behind the golden door and Lady Astrea. "Hello," I hear a loving voice. "You see you are beginning to remember. Remain calm in this remembering and it shall grow. But now come, my one, it is your turn."

As my mind clears, I see the circle plainly and see the Ladies coming towards me as I enter it. The veil falls off almost on it’s own, and as it does so I hear the familiar voice of Lady Leto, "Dear one, the veil that is lifted this evening is the ‘Illusion of Human Love.’

As this veil is lifted, many feelings and age-old yearnings will rise within you. Human love is the reason that humanity wishes to stay Earth-bound. It is the seventh initiation and the most difficult test one must face before ascension. Therefore, it is important that all Illusion be lifted from this concept so that one can see this test in the clear light. Remember, my one, as the illusions lift, all dramas associated with them seek their final act.

"Human love has been humanity’s substitute for divine love throughout the ages. It appeared easier to achieve and easier to maintain. Therefore, this illusion has been called the ‘Grand Illusion.’ As you feel this veil slip from your face, my one, realize now how you have worn it as a mask. Realize how it has served to separate and to guard your 'self.’

While you are immersed in human love, your consciousness is centered in the human existence, needs, and yearnings. Since human love can turn on you like a tamed lion can, you must constantly be watchful. This watchfulness keeps you so busy in your mind and distracted in your heart that you separate yourself from the divine love."

As the Brother takes the veil, Hilarion speaks: "The energy field of human love is somewhat like the mineral, mercury. It cannot be held in your hand, but slips around, escaping wherever possible. It appears to rise and fall of its own Will and is very temperamental to heat. Human love is also used as a unit of measurement. 'Do you love me this much, or this much?'

"Human love has been used as a weapon, a badge, and a shield. But always, human love slips around of its own volition. This fact, of course, is because human love is an Illusion and an Illusion once made lives its own life. The more thought and feeling that is fed to it, the more independence it gains from its creator.

The only way to transcend the illusion of human love is to perceive it from the eyes of the divine. From this perspective, the energy can be viewed through an objective heart. However, in order to do this, you need to allow the acceptance of divine love into your life. This may be a very difficult act indeed, for human love is the lower octave of the divine. Human love is how humans learn the impact of their power on those around them."

As the veil is passed, I hear Apollo, "I can see the anguish that arises in your field with this issue. You have suffered much with this human love and have caused much suffering in return. I hear you screaming in your heart, 'How can I transcend to the divine, if I can't even understand the human?’ Why, my love, the answer is that you don't.

You don't need to understand human love, because it is based on logic far below your ultimate goal. All you need to understand is yourself. When you understand yourself, you will see how you use human love, and how it uses you. When you are able to see this, call all that is divine in your heart to transmute this energy.

"Begin to see the energy field of human love. How does it feel in your aura and in your body as it approaches? Feel how it permeates your being and reminds you of the divine. Cling to the aspect of clarity to raise the energy into total clarity.

Feel all disillusionment and climb it like stairs to find the Light. Know, my one, that humanity is God in infancy. Just as the mother lovingly smiles at the babe who stumbles as he tries to walk, God smiles at you as you try to love. Just as the mother has utmost confidence that the child will someday walk and run, God has utmost confidence that someday you will love as He loves. Forgive yourself, my dear, and then you will be able to forgive the world."

I am stunned and awed. I understand and I know. Please "High Self," whoever and whatever you are, help me to remember this, at least this Illusion. Please help me to…

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:13 AM

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 3 of 3: A Family Affair - FROM THE ANDROMEDAN GALAXY: LOVE UNITES ALL RACES AND CULTURES

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VIDEO (recommended)


Dear Humanity!

It is our joy to be with you and to observe your progress of awakening! Many of you opened their spiritual eyes recently, awakening to their infinite Divine Nature with the desire to let go of old and limiting programmings.

With this we'd like to remind you that everything in the conditional realms is frequency.
 This concept is helpful especially because it allows you to experience your programs as mere frequencies.

When you are able to understand that the vehicle of your body-mind is a mixture of frequencies, you are also capable to recognize your environment and others by their frequencies.

Physical appearance or words do not change this. You like or dislike a person by their frequency. You like or dislike a message by its frequency. That's how you recognize who is who and what is what. Because every frequency carries information.

We suggest that you, if you haven't done it yet, step up and train your perception on the frequency level, to be able to use discrimination in this era of disinformation and deceit.

This is an important part of the ascension process that allows you to go beyond the Matrix! Because the Matrix is frequency.

What we also would like to bring to your attention is this: it is important to understand the term "unity". It is not an idea or goal, but a frequency which does not need to be "created", but which already exists since the beginning of time. Mankind perceived itself as divided by apparent different races and cultures, yes, - but mainly because Love in all its Divine dimensions and glory was not yet integrated in the human consciousness. And so humanity fell, challenged by adverse forces, easily into separating difference and calculated aggressiveness.

However Love is THE uniting force of the galaxy that has been introduced to your universe to reverse a further course of decline, weakening and destruction of humanity. That is why your spiritual guides always refer to love, as it is the spiritual force that easily unites all races and cultures. Love has no structure, no dimension, no believe and no judgement. It is the foundation for Unity-Consciousness.

Now there is hardly anyone who did not experience the power of love, even if only for a moment in the case of a very unhappy life. Attraction between genders has been enriched in due course with true love that involves your higher being, as more and more of you evolved and opened their sacred heart.

However today we ask you to not overstress and confine the experience of love to your personal relationships. This is only a beginning where you are called to cultivate this energy and are able to experience bliss and unity with one another.

Humanity is now ready to step outside this merely intimate space between two or a few people, willing to expand love beyond the familiar. Beyond family bonds and the bonds with friends and even nations. Humanity must expand love to all beings and creatures, in order to overcome the challenges of a divided world-population and destructive forces, and to create as soon as possible peace on earth, refusing to kill, to intentionally hurt and abandon your human brothers and sisters, because you are perhaps being told so.

We ask you to tune into your heart when you read or listen to this. We remind you that you all are capable of the language and higher vibration of the heart, if you intend to release fear and hatred and the idea of separation from the rest of your human family.

In the past times many of you convinced themselves that survival was dependent on the idea of separation and alienation. Now you are to understand that your survival as a Divine race is dependent on the frequency of love and unity. As the light and energy on your planet is rising, so your own energy can rise when you tune into the frequency of love. It is the vehicle for you to receive what is coming now from highly evolved and Divine cosmic sources. It is the vessel that allows your own holographic structure to participate in the higher mind that is invincible by negative and deceiving forces. It is indeed the very force that allows you to ascend and to evolve as a race.

Many of you, humanity, are still lingering in pockets of darkness and spiritual inertia, which is merely due to the programs of low frequencies you are attached to. You are able to rise your frequency simply by clearing your heart space. We say "space" and not chacra, because as your scientists already found out, the space around the human heart is much larger and much more powerful than just the chacra, and refers to the truly Divine human nature and is therefore Sacred.

Clearing your heart space might be challenging though, as you encounter unpleasant emotions, that are trapped in illusions, that can hurt. Be aware that you lived with them anyway in the past - but merely suppressed the feeling of it.

To allow the full feeling-awareness of them is all there is required. It enables you to release the low frequency programs and to open up to unconditional love, while you are willing to keep your heart space open and expanded at all times to receive the new waves of enlightening information. What you once have messed up with can be healed and balanced now.

Your future is your responsibility. It is you who is creating your personal experience and the experience on your planet. To create peace and happiness you must first release the low frequency-programs in yourself that do not vibrate as truth, peace and happiness. It is that simple. To release low frequencies allows the frequency of unconditional love be present not only in your heart space but all over your human hologram and beyond, by filling your consciousness with stillness. And so you are becoming it. You can do this now. And so in every moment.

The incoming higher light and consciousness is supporting your process to transcend the Matrix. This is your moment to take advantage of this glorious opportunity. We highly recommend not to miss a jota of this Divine Gift. We want to see planet earth and this universe in peace, happiness and unity. We want to share with all of you what we are, and you to share with us what you yourself truly are, or can become again soon.

We trust this auspicious process to show greater and greater signs in your societies, as you accept the joy of it and as you progress in your process of releasing un-love and un-happiness, deeper than ever before.

We are the the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute
Posted 27th September by ATMAN

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